4D Publish 3D PDF Publishing for Cinema 4D


  • Export all 3D Geometry including Procedurals, Mograph, SubDs and Sculpted Objects
  • Sampling of Material Channels including Color, Environment, Alpha and Luminance
  • Support for all UV Projections UVW Mapping, Flat, Cubic, Spherical...
  • Specify the texture resolution of sampled channels
  • Retains the full hierarchy within the PDF
  • Small file sizes for large geometry
  • Support for Materials with Selection Tags
  • Basic full model Transparency
  • Exports all camera views directly to the PDF
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System Requirements

  • Cinema 4D R17, R18 or BodyPaint R17, R18
  • Studio, Visualize, Broadcast or Prime
  • Includes builds for Mac and PC
  • 64bit only
  • At least 4 GB ram (8GB or more recommended)
  • C4D Lite (Cineware) is not supported
  • Demo versions are not supported
  • Single License (Node Locked) available via our store.
  • License Servers (Multi-License/Floating) versions are available upon request.

Sample Files


Cartoon Turtle

From the C4D Content Browser Sculpting / Example Scenes / 01 Scenes / Cartoon Turtle.c4d



From the C4D Content Browser Prime / Example Scenes / Retrospace / Retrospace.c4d


Zika Virus (5ire)

Zika Virus (5ire) Asymmetric Unit created using ePMV


Zika Virus Unit

Zika Virus Biological Unit created using ePMV



A tutorial showing how to export the Retrospace scene for optimal file size and quality in a 3D PDF file. It also goes over how to use environment maps to add reflection to your PDF models.


Demonstrating how to navigate in a 3D PDF file, how to add 3D annotations to your PDF files and also how to hide and show different parts of the model.

More Examples


Scene from musecreative.net converted to 3D PDF


Scene from Beeple converted to 3D PDF


4D Publish contains 2 plugins. One is a PRC file format exporter and the other is the PDF exporter. All the geometry and textures are converted to a single PRC file format, which is also saved to disk when you create a pdf. The PRC file is then added to a pdf document by the PDF plugin. We have plans for both of these plugins and they will both continue to be updated along side each other.

These are some of the features we would like to add next.


  • More Mesh Compression
  • More Image Compression
  • Import PRC Files
  • Export PRC Files Separately
  • Batch Exporting
  • Lights
  • Vertex Colors
  • Splines
  • And lots more...


  • Multi Page Output
  • Use Templates for Output
  • Design Pages and Templates in C4D.
  • Add Text
  • Add Images
  • Add Curves and Shapes
  • Company Logo and Product Descriptions
  • Batch Exporting
  • Render a Placeholder Image during export.
  • Automatic Scene Information (Objects Count, Materials Count, Total Polygon Count etc...)



Please make sure to check that 4D Publish will work with your version of Cinema 4D or BodyPaint before purchasing. If you are not sure if you can run 4D Publish then feel free to contact us via our Contact form on the home page.

At this time we only directly sell Single License versions of Cinema 4D R17, R18 or BodyPaint R17, R18.

If your require a Multi-License for your License Server then please contact us directly.

4D Publish will work with all versions of Cinema 4D R17 and R18 including Studio, Visualize, Broadcast and Prime.

4D Publish will not work with Cineware (the version that ships with Adobe CC as part of After Effects). Cineware does not support plugins.

Refund Policy

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds for any software products bought from GameLogicDesign. Please ensure that the product suits your needs, and that you are able to use the product (see the above Compatiblity), before you make the purchase.


Support will be via email only. We are not a large company and it may take a while before we respond but we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

We will provide free serials for the next 2 versions of Cinema 4D from the date of purchase. If during this time Cinema 4D has caused the plugin to become unusable then you will be required to upgrade to the latest version of 4D Publish.

You will receive all point release updates for free. That is all versions from 1.0 up to version 1.9.

Upgrading to a major release may require an upgrade fee. That is when going from a 1.x version to 2.x for example.

We are very open to feature requests and ways that we can improve your workflows. Please feel free to contact us and we will try to get as many features into each new point release for you as soon as we are able.