UVPaint 1.1

UVPaint includes a Real-Time Projection Painting system built on top of the Sculpting Toolset. Paint directly in the OpenGL Viewport. Use all the features of the Sculpting System to paint directly onto the selected Material and Layer in BodyPaint. Easily Manage multiple materials and UVs with the new powerful Material View. Get fast easy access to images for painting and sculpting using the new Content View. UVPaint is the ultimate companion for all your texturing needs in Cinema 4D.

The Big Features

Paint Brushes

Painting tools based on the sculpting system. Paint symmetrically using Stencils and Stamps over multiple materials and channels. Also includes tools for flood filling, edge detection and working with selections.

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Material View

An advanced Material View to manage multiple materials on an object. Including support for UDIMs, Layer and Channel creation, flood filling, wireframes, remapping, uv selection and lots more...

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Content View

A new content view to enable easy access to images in your content library. Drag and drop onto materials in the Material View or single click to use as a Stamp or Stencil when painting or sculpting.

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Single License (Node-Locked)

UVPaint Lite

Material and Content Views
$99 USD (exl VAT)

For all versions of Cinema 4D or Body Paint 3D. R17 and R18

  • Content View
  • Material View
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UVPaint Standard

Paint like a pro
$129 USD (exl VAT)

Cinema 4D Studio or Body Paint 3D required. R17 and R18.

  • Content View
  • Material View
  • Paint Brushes (Requires Sculpting)
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UVPaint Demo

Try before you buy

14 Day Trial with all features

  • Content View
  • Material View
  • Paint Brushes (Requires Sculpting)
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The Ultimate BodyPaint companion for Painting and Sculpting

System Requirements

  • Lite: Cinema 4D Studio, Visualize, Broadcast or Prime for R17 or R18. BodyPaint for R17 or R18
  • Standard: Cinema 4D Studio for R17 or R18. BodyPaint for R17 or R18
  • R17 requires Service Pack 3 or later (R17.053)
  • OSX or Windows
  • 64 bit only
  • At least 4 GB ram (8GB or more recommended)
  • C4D Lite (Cineware) is not supported
  • Demo versions are not supported


  • Support Multiple UV Tags
  • Paint Vertex Maps
  • Paint Vertex Colors
  • Support painting on Procedural Objects
  • Speed up painting for large textures
  • Add new painting modes (blur, sharpen, dodge, burn etc...)
  • New Fill Tools to allow filling inside single large polygons
  • Multi-Threading
  • GPU Acceleration
  • Add real-time Texture Bleeding
  • UV Editing Tools
  • Custom Camera Views
  • Use custom Libraries in the Content View
  • And lots more...


  • Only works on Polygon Objects
  • Only paints on one selected object at a time
  • Paints using the first found UV tag on the Polygon Object
  • It will only paint on multiple channels if they are all the same size
  • The Fill Draw Modes require intersecting points on the mesh
  • No real-time texture bleeding over UV seams. But we have a one click solution to fix up any seams you might have
  • Large brushes on large textures (4k and up) will be slower. You can work around this by increasing your stamp spacing or just using the Fill Draw Modes. This will be improved in future releases.


  • Support will be via email or by submitting tickets on our support page. We are not a large company and it may take a while before we respond but we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.
  • If you purchase for R18 you will also receive serials for R19 as soon as we are able to process them.
  • You will receive all updates from version 1.0 up to version 1.9
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