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Kent Barber

Designer / Developer / Website Coder / Documentation Writer / Video Maker / Supporter

GameLogicDesign is a New Zealand based company primarily focused on the creation of 3D graphics solutions for artists and also to provide solutions for web and game developers over time. The goal is to produce plugins and software to help improve your workflows and allow you to focus on being creative.

I have been developing 3D applications professionally for over 16 years. I consider myself a tools developer and like to sit in the gap between being an artist and a developer. I like to blend the programming and artistic worlds together and writing tools for 2D and 3D applications fits very nicely in with how I like to live and work.

I started out by working for a company in New Zealand called Right Hemisphere where I worked on products such as Deep Paint 3D, Deep UV, Deep Creator, Sims Painter and Unreal Painter.

After Right Hemisphere I worked for Sony in London on tools development for Maya and PS3 for an unreleased game. I then moved onto Germany where I worked on games for Nintendo Wii and DS as well as developing a backend digital asset management system.

Finally the last company I worked for was MAXON, where I was brought on to develop a sculpting system for Cinema 4D. I decided to leave after 6.5 great years to try and get my own company off the ground and bring new solutions to Cinema 4D users.

Its my goal to continue to create plugins that artists want and need in their daily lives. Even plugins that they don't know that they need until they try them.

I am currently working towards this goal via my company GameLogicDesign where I am the sole employee doing everything from development to website coding, design, docs, videos, support etc... its a lot of work but also very rewarding when I see the results people are getting using the tools that I am creating.