Hosting a PostgreSQL Database

Note: This article was written in 2012

I recently came across a company called Heroku who offer a hosted version of PostgreSQL. Since I am looking into hosting a database I thought I would share my thoughts on what you should think about when hosting a PostgreSQL database as well as comparing a Cloud hosting provider like Rackspace against the Heroku service.

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Asset Manager and Social Networking for Cinema 4D

A plugin and running version of this system may be made available at a later date, but for now the system is offline.

For those of you who have read the article How to create a Platform as a Service you will have already seen some of this information already.

For a bit of background, back in 2006, after working on a couple of asset management systems, I decided to start writing one of my own. But not content with just creating an Asset Management System I decided to look into creating an entire platform that would allow you to create any kind of service that you wanted and easily allow users to connect to them. A brief outline of this system is covered in the post How to create a Platform as a Service.

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How to create a Platform as a Service

For this article I will be outlining a design for creating a Platform as a Service. This would be a service that any independent developer could use to create custom Server and Client based applications that allow their users to easily connect to their Servers to access the content.

Note that this is not intended to be an in-depth discussion on the topic. Instead it will be more of a brief overview of the different parts of a system that is currently being developed and some of the thoughts and issues surrounding such a system. The initial interest in this came from a curiosity into how an MMO could potentially be developed and how that same system could be extended and applied to develop other services and systems.

Generic System

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C++ Code Generation using T4 Templates

Microsoft Visual Studio comes with a code generation tool which they call T4 Templates. It is somewhat integrated into Visual Studio but I have found the integration to be not that streamlined yet, and if your a C++ user its not there at all.

So in order to show you how to use T4 Templates in your projects I am just going to explain it usage solely via the command line using the TextTransform.exe program.

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Selecting Your Next Game Engine

Note: This article was written in 2009. Some parts are out of date but you still may be able to get some relevant information from it.

Before you can select your game engine you need to make a few choices. Who is your target audience? Is it PC, PS3, iPhones or anyone with a webbrowser? Then you will need to start looking for technology that you can use to develop for that platform. This may give you a number of different solutions to choose from, after which you then pick one that best suits your needs based on your skill set and requirements.

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Importing Quake Files And Previewing Levels Using Irrlicht

Note: This article was written in 2009. Some parts are out of date but you still may be able to get some relevant information from it.

This tutorial will show you how to use the Irrlicht graphics engine to load quake levels into Cinema4D (including the mesh, materials and textures) and then export that back out again to the Irrlicht graphics engine to preview how your game level will look. You will learn about creating polygon objects, materials and textures in Cinema4D and how to access the data again for exporting.

Note: I have just realized that my code has been messed up a little bit by posting to the website. Some of the loops might not look correct due to the removal of less than and greater than brackets. I will fix this up at a later date, for now just refer to the code in the attachment at the end of this article.

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