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Our mission is to create a better workflow for you

3D PDF, Painting, Texture Connections, Vector Graphics, UDIM Workflows, VR Viewer, MegaScans, Bake Ambient Occlusion, Markers View, Octane Painting Support, Content View, Material View, SVG and DICOM.
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What we do

We are primarily focused on the creation of new tools and plugins for Cinema 4D. In addition we also offer contracting and consulting services for customized plugin development, application development and VR Tools.

Experts in the following areas


The creation of painting, drawing and uv mapping tools.


Advanced 3D PDF publishing solutions.

Games and VR

Visualization tools to view models and scenes in VR. Export tools to get your content into various Game Engines.


The development of modeling and sculpting tools.


Development of physics simulation and animation tools.


Somethings are just too repetitive. We can help automate many tasks to save you both time and money.

GameLogicDesign is a New Zealand based company primarily focused on the creation of 3D graphics solutions for artists and also to provide solutions for web and game developers over time. Our goal is to produce plugins and software to help improve your workflows and allow you to focus on being creative.